Alpine Funding


Alpine Funding Partners is an alternative finance company specializing in providing commercial financing solutions for small businesses. They work with hundreds of small businesses all over the United States across multiple industries, helping them achieve long term success.

Business Challenge

After years of using the same dated customer relationship management (CRM) software, Alpine Funding Partners was ready to make a change. At the time, all internal sales efforts were being managed in the CRM. This included lead scoring, assignment to the sales team, and deals submitted by the company’s valued partners. With information being submitted from multiple sources (traditional lead generation efforts, partner relationships, etc.), Alpine was having difficulty attributing sales to their true lead source. Eventually, they tracked the cause of the problem to countless duplicate records. The volume of duplicate records and the general state of the data was hindering the ability of agents to efficiently move through the sales cycle.


Working closely with John Lynch of Babylon Solutions, Alpine Funding Partners was able to meticulously address their need to consolidate customer records and migrate data. There were 3 crucial aspects of the migration:

  1. Migrate duplicate records

    John and his team developed a complex algorithm capable of automatically identifying duplicate records based on status, status changes, and record type. This algorithm now automatically groups related duplicates and eliminates superfluous records.
  1. Migrate nearly five years of data

    After successfully migrating its New York office, the Alpine Funding Partners team then completed the same process for its Las Vegas location months later. The team achieved 100% user adoption following the migration to Salesforce.
  1. Fix the attribution problem

    Now that deals are assigned the correct status automatically, Alpine Funding Partners can better score their leads with high potential versus those that should be eliminated. For those deals that do move to closed/won, Alpine Funding Partners can accurately assign credit to the lead source.

As the result of this migration, Alpine Funding Partners saw noticeable results in several key areas. In the month following the migration, the company saw a 76% increase in deals closed/won and a 21% decrease in average processing time.