Babylon Solutions Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

Babylon Solutions Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

Last month, (thanks to a Linkedin notification), Tom Gricka was reminded that Babylon Solutions was turning 10. What began as a boutique marketing agency focusing on small businesses at Tom’s home office in 2009, has now become our full-service marketing and technology agency covering all aspects of digital media, direct mail, call centers, and systems integrations.

When asked about how it all began, Tom explains that when he decided to start Babylon Solutions, he had already worked for large companies like Publisher’s Clearing House and Viacom. He says, “I was also lucky enough to be part of a start-up company that was acquired and then another subsequent acquisition on top of that. At that time I had been fortunate to have some wins under my belt and my son, Logan was about to be born.

Tom and his son, Logan in their home office in 2013

I knew that I wanted to take advantage and be able to stay home with him. I started Babylon Solutions as a boutique agency helping small business owners establish a digital presence and learn how to generate sales or leads online. However, Babylon quickly grew due to referrals from my network, long hours, and luck. Babylon quickly became a well established company and I was able to utilize my network of friends in the industry to work with me in a freelance capacity so that I could maintain my “freedom” to stay at home. As the years went on and the opportunities grew, the need for an in-house team became more of a necessity. I decided it was time to get an office space and start the process of building the team. Luckily, in 2017 I was able to find a great space in Babylon Village, central to Long Island and only a train ride away from Manhattan. Conveniently, it is also walking distance (or skateboard distance) away from my home and I still am able to maintain the work/life balance I desire (waving to my son’s school bus is an often occurrence).”

Babylon Solutions was named after the town (or better yet the “village” as local Babylonians call it) that Tom calls home. Babylon Village is a quaint place to live with a strong sense of community and beautiful surroundings. It has that small town feel where everyone knows everyone else, yet with a rich culture and an excellent nightlife. Our office is right in the heart of the village surrounded by tons of great mom and pop shops and delicious restaurants (you’ll often find us around town on our lunch breaks eating tacos, sushi or grabbing coffee). 

Our office in Babylon Village (October 2019)

Over the last 10 years, Babylon Solutions has worked with clients in most major industries including Financial, Health/Wellness, Travel, Insurance, Dating/Relationships, and Restaurant/Service to name a few. At Babylon Solutions our mission is to help companies realize, reach, and exceed their marketing and operational goals through media channel diversification and conversion tracking and optimization. We consider the companies we work with to be our partners and together we determine the best strategies to make that happen.

If you would like to learn more about how Babylon Solutions can help your company with your marketing and technological needs, contact us at

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