Lauren Norinder

Director, Social Media Marketing

Lauren brings to the table a diverse knowledge of social media management, content writing, blogging and webpage writing. A true word nerd at heart, Lauren has always loved writing and learning languages. This love (and the promise of tapas bars) brought Lauren to Spain and Denmark where she lived for over 5 years. Lauren is the sole person at Babylon Solutions who has no knowledge of anything Star Wars, Marvel, or Xbox related and therefore desperately tries to avoid any office chatter that references lightsabers, “The Force”, gaming or mutants. When she isn’t working, Lauren enjoys playing volleyball (she has been known to be a tad competitive), exercising, traveling, watching football and spending time with her husband and their 2 sons. Being the quintessential soccer mom that she is, most afternoons and weekends are spent running her kids from one sport to the next in yoga pants and oversized sunglasses