Chief Lego Builder

Logan, the Chief Lego Builder (CLB) of Babylon Solutions has spent the majority of his life studying and implementing the creation of multiple Lego sets. Some of his career highlights include the creation of the Star Wars Death Star (4016 pieces), the Star Wars Ewok Village (1990 pieces) and the DC's Arkham Asylum (1628 Pieces). When Logan is not building Lego sets for both home and the office, he enjoys reading every book he can get his hands on and watching YouTube videos (Seriously, why do kids watch other people play video games they own instead of playing themselves?). Logan is also an avid martial artist and has been training for over 4 years. It is also worth noting that Logan is a spectacular dancer (unlike his dad) and it is highly recommended that if given the opportunity you should ask him to perform the very technical “Hot Pepper Dance” from Teen Titans Go.