Babylon Solutions is a full service marketing agency covering all aspects of digital media, direct mail, call centers and systems integrations. Our mission is to help companies realize, reach and exceed their marketing goals through media channel diversification and conversion tracking and optimization. We consider the companies we work with to be our partners and together we determine the best strategies to make that happen.

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Tom Gricka
President of Babylon Solutions

Tom, the President (and ring master) of Babylon Solutions has an extensive background that includes over 19 years of marketing experience.  His expertise lies in the development of marketing strategy and implementation, media buying strategies, and lead generation. Tom severely lacks any athletic ability (besides golf and bowling) and doesn’t know a punt from a field goal, but he makes up for his sporty shortcomings by being a Star Wars, Xbox and Marvel guru. In his free time, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife Robyn, building Legos and playing video games with their son Logan and taking their very tiny dog Indiana for a walk into town in Babylon. Tom is also a gym rat and is quite adept at picking things up and putting them down.

John Lynch
Vice President of Babylon Solutions

John manages our Operations and Technology Department and handles system implementation, data migration and reporting and analytics.(Basically, he does all the complicated techie stuff that the rest of us don’t understand.) At a young age, John discovered that he had a real knack for IT and has always been a tech geek, fiddling with the latest gadgets. Much like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (minus the rapping skills), John was born and raised outside of Philadelphia. He now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and her 2 cats. In his free time, John is a whiskey aficionado and likes to golf, play video games and read comic books (not necessarily in that order 😉). He has also been known to grill a mean steak, however since we have never tasted his cooking, we cannot confirm or deny if this is true.

Robyn Gricka
Marketing Analyst

Robyn is our Marketing Analyst whose tasks include running all reports and collecting and analyzing data. She has always had a knack for number crunching and worked in purchasing for many years prior to joining Babylon Solutions. Robyn is ridiculously organized and when she steps foot in The Container Store she feels like she has died and gone to Heaven. It is important to note that Robyn has a major aversion to business jargon, so if you say things like “synergy”, “ducks in a row”, “bang for your buck”, or “get the ball rolling” in front of her, we cannot guarantee you will make it out alive. Tapping into the yin/yang of her personality, Robyn likes to spend time expressing her creativity outside of work hours doing things such as interior design (which is always fun for the family to rip down walls and build new ones), yoga, reading anything that will make her cry and spending time with the family’s teeny tiny Yorkie named Indiana, who has officially been named the Babylon Solutions mascot.

Lauren Norinder
Social Media Manager

Lauren brings to the table a diverse knowledge of social media management, content writing, blogging and webpage writing. A true word nerd at heart, Lauren has always loved writing and learning languages. This love (and the promise of tapas bars) brought Lauren to Spain and Denmark where she lived for over 5 years. Lauren is the sole person at Babylon Solutions who has no knowledge of anything Star Wars, Marvel, or Xbox related and therefore desperately tries to avoid any office chatter that references lightsabers, “The Force”, gaming or mutants. When she isn’t working, Lauren enjoys playing volleyball (she has been known to be a tad competitive), exercising, traveling, watching football and spending time with her husband and their 2 sons. Being the quintessential soccer mom that she is, most afternoons and weekends are spent running her kids from one sport to the next in yoga pants and oversized sunglasses

Chris Corridore
Art Director

Chris has 10 years of professional experience in graphic design, specializing in logo creation and identity design, although his passion for art and drawing stems back to his early childhood. Chris is Babylon Solutions’ branding expert, working closely with clients to help them develop a brand strategy and identity to set their business apart from the masses. Chris is a self-proclaimed comic book geek, with a special affinity for Batman. He even made a cameo appearance (as an extra, but still) in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. But please…NO autographs J

Phil Vecchione

Phil handles the accounting functions of Babylon Solutions. This means that we must be nice to him since he is the one who does our payroll. Thankfully, Phil is a likeable guy (but only from May until December when it isn’t tax season since Phil is also a CPA). Luckily for us, Phil is our very own Mr. Clean (except with a full head of black hair) and likes everything neat and orderly…especially the office supplies. If you really want to irk Phil, try putting the highlighters in the whiteout section or mixing the pencils and the pens. He is convinced that the rest of the office messes up the supplies just to bother him. This may or may not be true. In his free time, Phil enjoys spending time with his wife, their 2 children and their 3 cats and 2 dogs. He also loves boating and being at the beach in the summertime.