Ring Central


As the #1 cloud communications and contact center solution, RingCentral makes it easy to call, message, and meet with employees, customers, and everyone in between.

RingCentral is a powerful cloud-based phone system that enables organizations of any size to easily set up, manage and scale their communications. Users can use either a soft phone or purchase a desk phone to make and receive calls. But it’s more than just calling. With RingCentral, businesses can make and receive calls, send text messages and faxes, host video conferences with remote employees or clients from anywhere in the world without the need for complex hardware or software.

Babylon Solutions uses RingCentral for several clients, as it allows for seamless integration with Salesforce. RingCentral for Salesforce can enhance your CRM and Service Management experience by automating workflows, increasing call efficiency, and improving the quality of customer interactions. The integration works in both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. RingCentral for Salesforce lets you make and receive calls directly from your Salesforce account, as well as one-on-one texts with customers. You can schedule RingCentral Video meetings, quickly assign call dispositions, log calls, take notes and more, all without jumping back and forth between applications.

RingCentral offers industry-leading analytics designed for both IT professionals and business users. For IT, it provides historical and real-time quality-of-service reporting. This helps optimize the platform and resolve issues fast. Business users from sales, marketing, HR, and others can watch call activity in real time. Users are able to start with a template or build a custom dashboard from any device. With subscriptions and alerts, everyone can make confident, data-driven decisions.

RingCentral reduces the need for agents to switch between multiple devices and applications to access key business functionalities to accomplish their daily tasks. Integrating your RingCentral solution with everyday applications, such as Salesforce, allows you to automate tedious tasks, make your workflows more efficient, and offer your customers a superior experience.