Cloudsquare Broker

Innovative Merchant Cash Advance Software

Cloudsquare Broker is a CRM built natively on the platform and is specifically designed for brokers in the alternative business lending space. This robust system helps you track your leads, pipeline, submissions, offers, commissions, renewals, and much more by providing a real-time 360-degree view of where any deal is at any time, while pushing it forward via workflow automation. Our customers have increased their conversion and are experiencing tremendous growth upon implementation.

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Keep Ahead of the Competition with Our Flexible, Turn-Key Loan Software for Brokers

Get started with Salesforce without the time or hassle of building a custom system while still being flexible enough to accommodate your cash advance business’s specific needs.

  • Speed up your time to close
  • Streamline communications
  • Keep all of your data centralized and easy to access
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Why Cloudsquare Broker is the Best Software for Merchant Cash Advance

Easily Customizable

Cloudsquare Broker offers Brokers more out-of-the-box customization options than any other MCA software. Our custom settings pages allow you to thoroughly configure the system to meet your unique business needs, all with just a handful of clicks. No complex APEX knowledge or coding classes required.

Turn-key System for Fast Rollout

Unlike other LOS options on the market, which are only software frameworks and often require hundreds of hours of custom work to use, Cloudsquare Broker is a turn-key solution that allows Brokers to be up and running on Salesforce in a matter of weeks, saving your business hundreds of hours of development time.

Built and Vetted by Industry Experts

Over a decade of experience and feedback from hundreds of industry veterans has gone into Cloudsquare Broker's intuitive interface, making it easy for everyone, from new hires to experienced brokers, to use the system, even with little training.
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