Cloudsquare Broker


Cloudsquare Broker is an innovative merchant cash advance software. It’s the most customizable and effective MCA Software on Salesforce, built specifically for brokers in small business lending and merchant cash advance.

Lending institutions can keep ahead of the competition with this flexible, turn-key loan software. It’s an ideal way to get started with Salesforce without the time or hassle of building a custom system while still being flexible enough to accommodate your cash advance business’s specific needs. You can speed up your time to close, streamline communications, and keep all data centralized and easy to access with this MCA software.

Created specifically to meet the needs of MCA Brokers and ISO’s, the Cloudsquare Broker Loan Origination System manages the entire origination process, from new lead to deal renewal and everything in between. Built on Salesforce, this MCA software gives brokers the leading edge in technology. Automated workflows, smart-filtering submission channels, Lender API integrations, and automated renewal forecasting are just some of the features that make the MCA process more intelligent. Seamlessly integrate 3rd party apps, connect to your marketing platform, and customize just about any feature in the LOS with a handful of clicks. Whether you have 1 rep or 100, Cloudsquare Broker is ready to grow with you.

Babylon Solutions has used Cloudsquare Broker for many of our clients in the lending space. It enables clients to get started with Salesforce quickly with no time-consuming or costly customization required. The built-in reports and dashboards allow customers to see conversion rates, business metrics, and ROI. The software saves a tremendous amount of time, as digital forms and documents seamlessly connect to Salesforce and attach to the merchant’s account, and merchant details and funding terms automatically follow the account all the way through the process. Custom deal stages, tailored to the specific needs of the MCA pipeline, allow users to distribute leads based on custom rules and keep them balanced. Most importantly, this enables clients to submit application packages to multiple lenders simultaneously and to track multiple offers and terms from a single location.

Cloudsquare Broker is a great tool to automate your routine redundant tasks and save your team time with Salesforce. Tap into the marketplace of over 150,000 Salesforce Apps, and get the specialized functionality you need, including e-signature, voice and mobile integration, marketing automation and much more.

Simply put, Cloudsquare Broker gives you an advantage over your competition.

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