Berkman Financial

March 14, 2019


Berkman Financial was founded by entrepreneurs who had first-hand experience with the difficulty and frustration of the traditional bank loan process. They created Berkman Financial to make access to financial capital as easy, inexpensive, transparent, and fast—with no required collateral or upfront fees. And while other companies offer small business loans by simply brokering them, Berkman Financial actively participates in securing the funding for small businesses.

Business Challenge

Berkman Financial needed to automate their lead creation and assignment process in order to scale up their marketing efforts. Their current method of creating leads and assigning them manually was becoming too big of an undertaking to continue. Because the lead process was so manual, they could only handle a limited volume of leads.


Babylon Solutions configured Berkman’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to accept leads via an API (Application Programming Interface) from multiple lead providers. It then assigned those leads to sales reps based on custom rules that Berkman wanted to use.

Now that the leads are being created and assigned in an automated process, Berkman can focus on what they do best, providing access to capital for small businesses. As a result, they could scale up their marketing efforts and continue to grow their business.