Bizfi (formerly Merchant Cash and Capital) is a fully automated online marketplace designed to give multiple financing options to applicants. They combine aggregation, funding and a participation marketplace on a single platform for small businesses.

Business Challenge

In 2015, Bizfi needed to rebrand their company to better capture their new business model and to optimize their lead generation marketing efforts. Tom Gricka, President of Babylon Solutions, was named Chief Marketing Officer of Bizfi and was given the task of managing the rebrand, as well as all of the company’s existing marketing and communications. Tom, with the help of his team at Babylon Solutions created a multi-channel, branded marketing push which included changing all digital assets, print articles, interviews on major network shows, and industry events. At the time of the Bizfi engagement with Babylon Solutions, Bizfi’s direct marketing efforts had been growing, however some key metrics including cost per acquisition, were increasing rapidly creating a negative ROI scenario.


Tom and the team were able to immediately make optimizations to the media buying methodology. They decreased the media spend by 40%, all while maintaining revenue and increasing ROI. The team then created and implemented a growth plan which called for the increase of the total marketing budget between $500MM to $1 million per month while optimizing the key performance metrics. This was achieved by diversifying the lead generation efforts across multiple channels including direct mail, SEM, SEO, radio, native advertising, lead partnerships and ISO relationships. The Bizfi rebrand was successfully completed in September 2016 with a full transition and a newly recognizable name and business model.