Cambridge Who’s Who

January 3, 2018


Cambridge Who’s Who is one of the world’s leading vanity publishers and personal branding networks. Their customer base is comprised of executives and professionals looking to increase their exposure within their industries and communities.

Business Challenge

Cambridge Who’s Who wanted to establish a digital marketing strategy, but had been solely focused on direct mail campaigns for their lead generation efforts. They needed to identify potential members of Cambridge Who’s Who and reach them in a cost-effective way. Locating and targeting individuals who were potential candidates for the Cambridge product could not be accomplished through traditional digital marketing channels.


Babylon Solutions, through data and demographic analysis created a lead scoring model based on Cambridge’s user base.  Once the lead scoring and marketing message was finalized, our team looked to the current digital media landscape for its lead acquisition strategy.  This resulted in Babylon Solutions determining that advertising via LinkedIn’s ad network was the optimal choice for the new marketing strategy.

Babylon Solutions was able to take the lead scoring model and apply it to the filters available via LinkedIn to create custom audiences.  We then created landing pages and campaigns specific to those audiences to create a cohesive message and a seamless customer journey.  This established the most successful lead generation campaign that Cambridge Who’s Who ever had. The result was an entire shift in the way Cambridge acquired new customers.  Within a year, Cambridge shifted their marketing efforts from an entirely direct mail strategy to an entire digital marketing strategy with a monthly budget of between $250k – $300k on LinkedIn alone.