Fordham Capital

March 25, 2019


Fordham Capital was formed in late 2015 by leading industry professionals with a common goal: to provide affordable, quick capital to business owners without the unnecessary jargon that comes with visiting your local bank. They have funded millions of dollars in advances to large and small companies alike.

Business Challenge

When Fordham Capital contacted Babylon Solutions, they knew that they were leaving opportunities on the table with the limited capabilities of their CRM software, Infusionsoft. As a growing company, Fordham Capital had a need for a custom, scalable CRM solution that would help them manage their pipeline more efficiently and a marketing solution that would give them measurable results.


After a thorough analysis, Babylon Solutions developed a solution to migrate Fordham Capital’s sales and marketing operations to Salesforce. The implementation included a tailored CRM solution built for scale and custom reports dashboards allowing Fordham Capital better insight into their pipeline. This enabled them to better manage their portfolio and renewals resulting in higher conversions.

In addition to technology solutions, Babylon also developed a digital marketing strategy for Fordham Capital, creating over 99 custom email templates in Pardot. These templates covered every aspect of a merchant’s lifecycle from the process of lead generation to a funded deal and renewal status. Communicating with a lead based on their status and time in the status was much more effective for Fordham than their prior strategy of using the same email multiple times for each email campaign.

Babylon Solutions created distinct emails highlighting various aspects of Fordham’s brand and business to try and trigger a response from the merchants. We then customized the emails based on other attributes such as the source of the lead and created personalized content from each sales rep who was communicating with the lead. The new digital marketing strategy has resulted in much better results than the typical sales funnel marketing efforts. This combined with vigilant optimization of email content, CTA placement, and subject line testing has resulted in open rates greater than 80% on some campaigns and engagements of over 10%.