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November 28, 2022


It’s easier to double your business by increasing your conversion rate, rather than increasing your traffic.
Bryan Eisenberg
Importance of Remarketing (Retargeting)

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a very common and popular form of digital marketing in which marketers serve ads to users who have visited their website, or a specific web page, and who have or have not taken a specific action. It’s an effective way to target people who have already shown some interest in your business or brand.

Whichever way you use it, remarketing is an absolute MUST in every marketer’s playbook.

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    The TV dinner was invented because of Thanksgiving.


    In 1953, a Swanson employee accidentally ordered too much turkey—260 tons too much! The frozen turkeys were taking up space in 10 refrigerated train cars when a company salesman suggested preparing and packaging the turkey with sides in compartmentalized aluminum trays. Swanson sold 5,000 TV dinners in 1953. The following year, they sold 10 million!

    The first TV dinner cost 98 cents!

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