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September 27, 2023


Social Media is more about sociology and psychology more than technology.
Brian Solis
sing Psychological Marketing Tactics to Propel Your Business

In the digital world, marketing has changed completely, and it is not easy to stay on top of all the strategies that come and go as technology evolves. However, one thing that remains constant is human psychology, and leveraging it in your marketing campaigns can make them extremely successful.

Tactic #1: Using the Scarcity Effect

People tend to place a higher value on things that are rare or limited. This psychological phenomenon drives them to act when they believe that something is only available for a limited time. By strategically creating scarcity, you can effectively boost demand for your product or service. For instance, you can employ a countdown timer that clearly indicates when a product or offer will expire, thus creating a sense of urgency and prompting people to act swiftly. This technique taps into the innate human desire to seize opportunities and not miss out on something valuable.

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    People used to answer the phone by saying "ahoy" instead of "hello".

    When the public started using the phone back in the 1800s, inventor Alexander Graham Bell thought they should answer a call with "ahoy." (That's likely why Mr. Burns on The Simpsons says "ahoy-hoy" when he picks up the phone.) However, Bell's rival, Thomas Edison, wanted users to answer the phone with "hello." And, according to The New York Times, by 1880, "hello" had won out.

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