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Stopping advertisement to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.
Henry Ford

The Importance of A/B Testing

  • A/B testing works by systematically showing different versions of the website to similar segments of visitors, and then measuring the results in terms of desired business metrics. With A/B testing, you can get quick feedback on what changes are improving your website and which ones aren't.

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BabylonSolutions happily welcomes Mike Kennedy, Marketing Coordinator, to our staff family!


Why can’t salesmen see live musicals?

They keep trying to capture the leads!”

Our Featured Partner:


Babylon Solutions has used Conga for a variety of our clients. Integrations we have done for our B2B lending partners include the ability to generate fully customized contracts from salesforce which are distributed to customers via CongaSign or DocuSign to collect signatures from the merchant.

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Many oranges are actually green!

While we assume that all oranges are orange in color because of their name, the fruit is often green when ripe, thanks to plenty of chlorophyll. In South America and other tropical locales, oranges are green year round. But in the U.S., where it's colder, oranges lose their chlorophyll and take on the color that matches their name. And because North American shoppers are used to oranges that are actually orange, imported fruit is either exposed to ethylene gas or shocked with cold water in order to remove the chlorophyll.

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